So my shop got started because a co worker wanted to see if I could do a wine glass rack for her (because I am creative people think I can produce everything). My husband didn't have the tools needed to create this rack, so I went on Pinterest (The Time Sucker) to see if there was anything else I could do instead. So I found a pin about a portable wine glass rack, BAM!!! My husband can so create this I thought. With a little convincing he agreed to make it. I had nothing better to do (small lie) so I kept scrolling through my pins. Then the ultimate pin come up. It was a wine glass that was decorated with glittered. My world was totally rocked with this simple pin. Then I said to myself why not do a wine rack with some custom wine glasses (insert fireworks here and a cool dancing song). So I started in the kitchen, got glittered everywhere, I MEAN EVERYWHERE. My husband being the great husband that he is bought me a desk and put it in our bedroom. I was real official now, so of coarse I need a name. This is when CustomMadeByJ was born. Now I had a name and glitter was absolutely everywhere. Being the great man my husband is and fed up with him going to work looking like he came from the strip club (because of the glitter on him) he changed our guest room to my work area and told me that glitter could not leave this area. I thought I was official before, but now I'm certified official. My husband called one day and asked what I was doing? I said you know I'm here in the lab. He was like the lab??? Yea where I do my glitter stuff (insert light bulb here) yea I'm in the Glitter Lab. As great as I thought this name was my husband was not impress. My work area was just giving a name The Glitter Lab. The rest is history and also my future was paved out.

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